The Inaugural South West

Tiger Awards

New Business Awards

A rare and powerful breed

The Tiger Awards is the exciting new business awards that focus on key industry sectors and recognises the best-in class companies within them from across the South West.

Hosted at a prestigious Bristol Hotel in May 2016 the awards are set to become the major sector awards in Bristol and the West Country, with high profile media coverage, a champagne gala dinner event and celebrity guests.

Major Industry Recognition

As a finalist or winner of this prestigious event you will gain widespread recognition as the best in your industry.  It will elevate your business, catapult your reputation and position you ahead of your competitors.  It gives employees a greater sense of pride and enhances credibility with stakeholders and suppliers.

Why the Tiger Awards?

The Tiger Awards recognise the most dynamic and exceptional companies. Large or small, recent start-up or well established, a Tiger Business is characterised by above average growth and proven financial performance. The management are innovators and trailblazers, raising the bar and setting new standards for their industry. They care about their people and the planet.

Industries Include

  • Manufacturing
  • Advanced Engineering and Aerospace
  • Property and Construction (including developers, commercial agents and housing)
  • Technology
  • Health and Life Science
  • Energy and Low Carbon Industry
  • Financial Services (including insurance, banking, investments and alternative funding)
  • Legal Services
  • Creative Industries
  • Transport and Distribution
  • Food and Drink
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Retail
  • Employment and Skills (including education, training, recruitment and HR)
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